Miracle Baby Maizey

"This is my miracle baby Maizey. I woke up one night last December to use the restroom and was in a lot of pain. I noticed that there was blood in my urine. Of course this caused me to panic and I woke my husband in tears. He called labor and delivery and they said it was most likely a urinary track infection but I should go to labor & delivery just to be sure. Once I got up there they had me take a urine sample and the nurse who took it said it looked like a pretty bad UTI but as procedure they needed to hook me up and monitor baby.  We were relieved that it was something so minor.  After monitoring the baby for a short period the nurse started calling several other nurses in. After some time they informed us that our baby girls heart beat was irregular and that they would like to do an ultrasound on her to check it out. After what seemed like hours the ultrasound tech came in and looked at our little girls heart for 45 minutes without a word. As he was walking out he simply just said, "good luck!" We had a doctor come in afterwards that had looked at the ultrasound and told us that it looked like Maizey had a heart block. in other words her heart was skipping beats and making up its own random beats, We were then referred to a neonatal specialist in a city about an hour away from where we live, We got in to see him the next week and after more ultrasounds we were told to go to Primary Children's Hospital (which is a 2 hour drive) the following week for an echo-cardiogram. For the next week we said MANY prayers, fasted, and  was given blessings that it would all work out. We headed down with the expectation of being told I would have to deliver at that hospital and that my daughter would be taken immediately from me to get a pacemaker put in at only a few hours old. We walked in and got the procedure started. The man doing the procedure was very great and was so positive and upbeat, After about an hour he called in the doctor and they looked over the echo some more and decided to look some more. By the end of the appointment we had 3 different doctors in our room and they told us that her heart had fixed itself. We were told that in this condition it doesn't usually get better and that it usually gets worse with time. I delivered a healthy, beautiful 8 lb. 6 oz. girl April 17th. She has been such a great and happy baby! We are so blessed to have her in our lives and so happy with the way things worked out" Chelsy


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