Miracle Baby Monday : Gavin & Lynkon


March 8, 2013, two months earlier than predicted, Gavin Young (3.6lb) and Lynkon Grey (3.8lb) entered the world via emergency cesarean section. Never have I wanted anything more than to be a "mom".  The journey wasn't easy. Chalked full of fertility treatments, miscarriages, heartache, and tears.  Initially shocked at the news of twins, I quickly realized how beyond lucky I was to be blessed with 2 babies. 


A sudden rush to the hospital resulted in strict bed rest for a month at 28 weeks due to a shortened cervix. This gave me ample time to stress over anything and everything, google every movement (or lack of) I was feeling, and Instagram search every #bedrest #pregnantwithtwins I could find. 


After 17 long hours trying to offset the 1-3 minute contractions with any intervention they could come up with, this fierce duo was determined to enter the world. I'm so appreciative to Dr. Sayegh and the staff at Sister's Hospital in Buffalo, NY for giving me the best possible birth and NICU experience given the situation. 


Within minutes of being born Gavin and Lynkon were quickly swept away to be evaluated and placed in the NICU. We waited 4 agonizing days before we could hold/kangaroo them. They suffered from minimal complications beyond what is to be expected of being born that early. A few setbacks but plenty of milestones occurred during their stay. My heart exploded when we were told after 1 month in the NICU, our boys could come home. 20 months later and they have been nothing short of amazing. 


Although these 2 made their early arrival look relatively easy in comparison to others, they are and forever will be my Miracle Babies. 



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